Ring Automotive RSDC3000 Smart Dash Cam with GPS WiFi Full HD 1296p 30fps 2" Screen G-Sensor Ring Connect App front car camera dashcam rear compatible , BLACK

Ring Automotive RSDC3000 Smart Dash Cam with GPS WiFi Full HD 1296p 30fps 2" Screen G-Sensor Ring Connect App front car camera dashcam rear compatible , BLACK Customer Reviews

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Ring Automotive RSDC3000 Reviews

Nice bit of kit
30 September 2022

works well and does the job well, the picture quality is good, what more could you need?

Overall good value for money
26 September 2022

Mounting was easy enough. I like the magnetic connector that allows you to detach and reattach it easily to change settings or get the MicroSD card out.

The app is pretty nifty, if I were in an accident I'd use that to ensure I'd got a copy of the footage at the time. One minor nitpick is there doesn't seem to be any way to change the WiFi hotspot password from the default, so I only turn it on as needed.

I got a 3000 model dash cam and the image quality can be quite good-especially in decent light. While the 2k resolution is good, it isn't everything. I can't read the license plates of cars in motion on the recordings. Text on signs and the license plates of stationary cars that are readable when driving in a straight line become unreadable when turning a corner-even at low speed. Lowering the resolution doesn't help as there's no option to also change the FPS.

I don't think the night mode does anything and if you leave it on auto, it will switch back to colour when there's more light available but this means it may switch between modes as you pass street lamps.

If filming in 2k especially I'd recommend just going with the fastest MicroSD card you can get that's also high endurance, I went for a class 10 V30 U3, they're relatively cheap now. 5 minutes of 2k recording gives files approx 488MB fairly consistently. 5 minutes at 1080 gives 380MB files. If you do a lot of long trips, I suggest taking this into account when choosing a card, otherwise if something happens at the start of the trip and you're not able to transfer it until you get back, you may find it's been overwritten. A 16GB card should give approx 2.8 hours of 2k recording.

While having a GPS location on the recording is nifty, don't rely on it. I get 'NO SIGNAL' in some suburban areas with no tall buildings around. Also, the accuracy isn't always good. Unfortunately this also calls into doubt the accuracy of their speed measurement, though I've found it to be quite good-about 2mph off what my car's speedo indicates. Unfortunately I doubt most other dashcams are any better.

Good dash cam but some minus points
14 September 2022

The camera itself is reasonable quality and was fairly easy to set up and install. Having said that the instructions are pretty useless with little detail. For example is it better to connect electric to the mount connector or the actual camera.

I thought it would be easy to detach the camera from its magnetic mount and use in another vehicle but apparently you can’t buy spare magnetic mounts as Ring don’t sell spares - a bit disappointed.

I’ve connected the camera to my 12v socket in the car but as my socket is the permanently on variety the camera does not switch off when I leave the vehicle so have to remember to switch it off manually.

Picture quality seems decent. Fortunately I haven’t had to try the accident recording function yet.

Master R
Good dashcam
8 September 2022

Great quality video, Shane it's so slow transferring them to the phone. Literally takes an age to get the videos off it, but hopefully, won't need to do it anyway!

Compared with others, for the price this is a good buy
26 August 2022

Recently bought this as people drive like maniacs around my area and I wanted that peace of mind that any incident would be captured. This camera is easy to mount, looks decent and take great quality videos. It automatically comes on when you start the car and in default mode takes 3 minute videos and saves them automatically before immediately starting a new 3 minute recording. Great because in the heat of the moment I dont want to have to remember to save a clip like most dashcams need you to.

It has GPS that kicks in after a few seconds of running and this also tells you the speed you are doing, again, this could be vital for any claims you make to show you were driving sensibly.

It does have a couple of downsides though.

1) I find the interface on the camera itself to be incredibly fiddly and not at all intuitive. It took me a long time to figure out how to review footage I'd just taken.
2) There is no internal storage, you need to buy a series 10 microSD card for it yourself, up to 64GB capacity. The title and the description dont make that clear.
3) It has a handy park mode that activates the camera if it detects a bump. This is great for catching people hitting your car while you are shopping or whatever. However, there does appear to be a delay of a couple seconds before the recording kicks in. It has to turn itself on and boot up before it starts recording. I think most of the time this would be fine as not many people would drive off that quickly, most would get out to look at what theyve done, but for those who drive off at speed, it might not catch them.

Overall I would totally recommend this product, just be prepared to buy a memory card and be frustrated with the interface!

P. J. Melling
Bang on for the price
14 July 2022

Nothing to dislike for the money paid.

Vince Wise
Understated - top quality
2 July 2022

Haven’t tried night mode. Very simple to install , works with a really impressive app.
Very pleased.

Mark L
Good dashcam
30 May 2022

Easy to fit and set up if you just want to plug it into the cigarette lighter. Hard wired mine which was a bit more difficult but well worth it

paul r
Did not com with English manual.
18 April 2022

No set up manual just a bit of paper for other country's.

martin-i i-moose
Misleading sales information - poor internal battery - pic quality not as stated
27 March 2022

I have installed this and must say it was easy, the long power cable reaches through the roof lining to the 12v socket in the boot so the fron of the car has no wires. We also bought the rear camera and installed that on the same path through the roof lining: two major problems arise however, and now it is installed we are living with it, but I am annoyed that it was bot mentioned in the sales information: with the Rear Camera attache the front and rear cameras are reduced to the standard picture quality not the HD as specified - we returned the first one as faulty and then the second was the same and I contected Ring/Osram themselves and they said it was part of the design - but it says it nowhere. The second major problem is it will not stay on for the first fifteen mins of the journey as it is not actually poweres by the cable but by an internal battery that depletes overnight to the extent it requires recharging before it was sustain the 3 minute or 5 minute record and all this while as it runs out shuts down, charges, restarts, then runs out then shuts down it makes a bleeping noise which is very irritating and it being off and on it misses whole sections of the journey.We have switched off the parking sensor (which runs purely on the internal battery to try and preserve the battery life).There are other problems: the G-force detector keeps triggering even though we have set it to least sensitive and it keeps making snapshots during the journey and bleeping. We are still evaulating whether to strip it out and send it back, but it does record and it took so long to install the cables and I fitted it with such a nice job I am tempted to live with it on the hope that as we have not had an accident in 20 years that we won’t need it - we only bought it as the standard of driving and people refusing to indicate at junctions and on motorways had made driving a lottery, and watching people on their phones unknowingly crossing lanes, we bought it so if someone crashes into us we have a record of it. Hopefully we won’t have to rely on it. Having the sticker on the back of the car however seems to have stopped people tailgating us, and we are wondering if simply having the cameras visible in the car and the sticker on the boot makes people think twice - one thing this camera does do is record your speed and as we don’t speed but drive at the speed limit where possible rather than dawdling everywhere at 40mph as many people seem to do regardless of the speed limit, this camera will show that we were obeying the speed limit in the event someone crashes into us.

P. J. Melling

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