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Very good toy, but the picture quality is a little bit disappointing.
8 April 2020

Very good toy, but the picture quality is a little bit disappointing. It needs plenty of light and good conditions. But for this money it is perfect!

Philip M Russell
Good images, poor video
26 January 2020

Still images come out well and in decent resolution. Video quality is poor. Easy to use and works well with a tripod.

Mr Barry Mitchell
Good start!
18 October 2019

I am trying a 360° camera for the first time. My initial impression is that it is very easy to set up and use. The images are good. I am still trying to figure out how to do certain things! I was annoyed that every photo had my hands in it. I have therefore had to order a stick, which is arriving tomorrow.

Mr T E Jones
If you cant afford the better one, save up until you can
17 September 2019

The RICOH theta V is much much better.. you would be better to save your money and buy it instead. This is low entry level kit. If you just want to try it out, get one of these although it will not give the best impression about what you can expect from a 360 camera like the Theta V. SAVE FOR THE V!

Dr. Taher
14 July 2019

Good 360 but lacks sim car

Dave Mitchell
Excellent camera with frustrating, broken companion app
23 January 2019

Firstly, the camera itself is very good. The photo quality is excellent with minimal stitching artefacts, even when viewed in VR. I haven't tried video yet as I mostly bought this for taking photos. It's a shame that the companion app, which is used for changing shoot modes and settings and for remotely triggering the camera is a broken mess which barely ever works properly. The camera connects to my phone but the app doesn't agree and continually disconnects or freezes up. I've found that disabling Bluetooth, and power saving options on the phone (Android) mostly fixes the wifi problems, but it still crashes whenever I try to access the camera settings screen. Also, you can set a timer so you don't always need your phone to trigger the camera from a distance (if you're trying to hide yourself from the shot for example).
Even with the terribly frustrating app, I would still recommend the camera due to the price point and the great quality of the photos.

J. Lindblad
Excellent addition to holiday photography!
26 September 2017

I did some research and settled on this model. Very simple to use and has a self timer function that is very useful for standalone use. Connected to a smartphone it has some impressive options - shutter priority, ISO priority and full manual modes allow for some truely impressive shots with very little experience. Downloading to your phone is very easy and from there you can share to social media quite easily. I found that it's best for taking landscape type pictures rather than faces and people. The video setting is also very good but to get the most out of it, your videos need to be around 20 seconds or longer so as to give the viewer time to pan around within the video.

30 August 2017

Wow. I bought this camera as a gadget on a whim. How wrong was I? I used this on holiday to great effect - producing some of my best holiday photos. I thought that the video would not be good but I was also wrong.
The video length is not a limitation as I expected it to be. as short videos clips work better. The device pairs with my phone to allow good remote pictures, but also works directly
The qualityis more than good enough for most purposes. If you want any better then a significantly larger sum of money is needed. For a toe in the water to try and play with 360 this is an ideal product at a very good price.
The battery life is good enough for a holiday and the camera can store more than enough photos for a summer holiday. The camera is small enough to be carried easily everywhere in a pocket. it is fast enough to be switch on and take a photograph also immediately. The photos can be viewed easily on a phone or a PC but is best with a VR headset.

Good fun for all-round landscape shots
12 June 2017

If you like looking at street view on Google Maps you will enjoy this too.The picture quality is much the same,with a tad of chromatic aberration near the stitchingline, but not enough to spoil the picture.This is a fun camera to play with, best for landscapes and also, unexpectedly, good for pictures ofmodels because, having a very short focal length , it makes them look like the real thing.Charges the batteryby attaching to the USB port of a computer, and delivers pictures through the same port.WiFi connection to an iphone is easy (the password is on the base of the camera) and the iphone display shows the scene as you compose the shot and trigger the shutter.
I strongly recommend an inexpensivelightweight tripod.The software is fairly primitive and the manual, as usual with such devices, is woeful.It is best to proceed by experimentunless you understand computer jargon.

Mr T E Jones
Perfect version of Theta for 360 Stills
12 November 2016

If you don't need live streaming (no hdmi out) or capture longer videos then this is perfect version of Theta.

Features this SC version has are suited specially if you want to capture and share 360 environment with easy one to few clicks workflow.

Free to download Ricoh made Theta apps (Theta S, Theta+ and Theta+ Video + Desktop application) cover basic use cases for average user. You can view the pictures with theta apps on your mobile device, share scenery with friends or let them view those places with browser or if you are planning to use cardboard VR there is built in mode in theta app to experience the captured location.

For vfx professionals and game developers this device can be used to capture hdr images (with 3rd party apps) for lighting/reflections to be used for realistic lighting in 3d applications and game engines.

Few tips:
1) Let it charge the battery fully, and remove the device from computer before trying to connect to it by enabling wifi.
- If there is too little charge and usb cable is connecting Thetato computer, pressing wifi button will just shut down the device you might think the device is not operating correctly

2) Personally I don't think it is good idea to use the cover pouch that is provided with device, it is too tight and has a theta emblem also in inside lining that might start to make scratches to the lenses of the device in a long run. I followed the advice of a online reviewer that you keep the wrapping that the device came in and use eyeglass cover to protect the device and the wrapping will make it stay in place without moving around and protect the lenses. Of course there is good additional covers in Amazon if your looking for more professional solution.

J. Lindblad

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