PowerOak Portable Power Station EB180, 1800Wh Solar Generator with 2*230V/1000W AC Outlet, Lithium Battery Pack Mobile Power Supply for Outdoor Travel RV Camping Home Emergency

PowerOak Portable Power Station EB180, 1800Wh Solar Generator with 2*230V/1000W AC Outlet, Lithium Battery Pack Mobile Power Supply for Outdoor Travel RV Camping Home Emergency Customer Reviews

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A must have
1 September 2022

Yeah - it’s a little pricey.I bought it several months ago for when I was ‘on -site’ and i could wire boilers up to a 3amp plug if the electricians hadn’t finished their work… it’s come in very useful for that.
Perhaps more useful though is for when my wife, kids and me would go on long trips in the car… this would charge everything - from nintendo switches to phones… etc etc.

I also grabbed a couple of solar panels at the same time and often just sling a panel out of a bedroom window all day, hook it up to this power bank and i can then power projectors, tv’s, lamp etc etc.a good purchase and pleased i made it.No real complaints.

Mr&Mrs Wolf
5 May 2022

Disappointed with the quality of this item. The stated capacity is not accurate and the unit often turns itself off despite having load. I would not recommend this.

*** ***
Quality product that is built to last
8 February 2022

As a Lithium Iron phosphate battery it takes a little longer to charge but it will hold a higher percentage of charge through hundreds of cycles more than a standard Lithium Ion battery.

David E
Great unit but absolutely no support from manufacturer
16 December 2021

Give all Poweroak products a wide swerve.. they like to take your money but then offer absolutely no after sales support for them.. I have 2 Poweroak products which have developed faults.
I have been trying to get a response from the company for over 6 months but they don't respond to any emails, messages or any for of contact...

Mr&Mrs Wolf
Great powerpack for emergency use or just small scale off grid usage
4 October 2021

I have used this since April 2021 to power my laptop (via a 360w solar panel - see image), as well as charge my phone, cameras, use my electric shaver, charge some work lights, even power a vacuum cleaner (760w Shark). It has a no-frills design, and you just plug it into the panel and charge.

My usage requires me to charge it 2-3 times a week, usually just to top it up. I wouldnt recommend it for anything over 750w as although the inverter will handle 1000 my understanding is that higher usage tends to wear out components quicker.

It is also very heavy! Be warned about that. Its the kind of device that ideally you should find a spot to sit it in and leave it, or get a small trolley to wheel it on.

A revised review
20 June 2021

Amazon declined to let me return this directly, but the company themselves have been fantastic.

The inverter is rated at 1000w constant, 1200w or so surge when starting, but it won't run my parents 700 watt microwave, which is an essential task it was bought for. Apparently I was somehow supposed to know that the inverter needs to be 3x the required size and not just have a bit of headroom. I will have no hesitation in buying their next model up now I know what is needed.

The other noticeable issues are that it only shows 0-5 bars of power and not percentage and that it is temperamental in terms of turning ac and dc on when pressing the power on buttons, especially while charging at the same time. Edit : next model up has a way better interface including touchscreen and is much better

nb they did accept my request for return without quibble and I have not been paid or sponsored for the newer model or anything else. They were super fast in issuing the refund without even waiting for the unit to get back to them and I rate them very highly. Great company to deal with and I am more than happy to pay the extra for the unit that I should have ordered in the first place (AC200P)

Great for camping.
13 June 2021

Very happy so far with this solar generator. I have it 2 weeks now. I've just purchased a 120w flexible solar panel 22.3voc, 18.68vmp and 6.76isc and from the pictures I was getting about 90w with the panel flat on the ground. I'll hopefully be going camping next month to Inishmore one of the Aran Islands which should provide a good test for both the generator and solar panel.

*** ***
Solar charging (PV) was faulty on two Poweroak 1500w generators.
15 May 2021

We ordered two Poweroak 1500w Portable generators on 26th November 2020.

As soon as they arrived we tested them out and both generators charged fine via AC, but did not work via solar PV charge. We bought them specifically for use with PV charge, and without this function we don't have much use for them.

We thought perhaps there was a problem with our solar panels, but a quick test with a multimeter soon showed that our solar panels were working fine.

We contacted Poweroak immediately. At first they replied fairly quickly and said it was probably an incompatibility with our solar panels. They asked us to send them a video via a separate email address, showing how we used the Poweroak generator with our solar panels, and how we tested with the multimeter. We sent them the video, and as soon as we did this things got a bit strange.

They would take days to reply, sometimes as much as 5 days. Emails would go missing that we had to re-send, then another 5 days no reply. Sometimes we would get replies that were hard to understand in broken English, and then suddenly some with good English.

After 5 weeks of emailing and emailing, finally we received a proper response. They said that the Poweroak 1500w should be working with our solar panels and did not know what the problem was. They thought perhaps the PV cable was faulty, so they sent us a replacement cable. Since Poweroak is based in China it took 4 weeks for a cable to arrive (which was the wrong cable, they sent the AC cable). They then re-sent the right cable which arrived 3 weeks after that. The cable did not solve the problem.

They suggested we buy their own solar panels which they know are compatible. We said we didn't want to spend more money and didn't know if it would even work. They suggested we test their solar panels first and if they worked with the Poweroak then we could buy the panels at a 50% discount later on. We agreed. We waited 3 weeks and received nothing. After contacting the company they said they forgot to send it. We then agreed to wait an extra 15-20 days for the solar panels to arrive.

After 23 days of waiting, there was no sign of the delivery, so we contacted Amazon via their ring back facility. Amazon asked if we wanted to continue chasing them up or return the item and get a refund. We asked for a refund.

We have been trying to get Poweroak to pick up their two generators, but I'm starting to think they don't want them back. At first they said they can't pick up due to COVID restrictions, but once the restrictions eased we are still chasing after them to send the item back. It's been over a month now since we last contacted them and still no result.

In conclusion:
Does the Poweroak 1500w have a problem with the solar PV charge? After seeing another customer with a PV issue in the reviews just now it seems there must have been a problem. However, it's possible that it could have been a problem with a batch from Nov/Dec 2020. Perhaps they have fixed that issue now.

Would I recommend buying a Poweroak 1500w? No, I wouldn't. If you are lucky and your product works fine then great. But if you have any technical problems you may have to go through a lot of stress to get things sorted out. By the end, we lost trust in the company and felt that they figured out they had an issue with the PV charging as soon as we sent the video, but didn't tell us and were just pretending by the end. Perhaps they thought we would just give up after several months of no progress, and didn't expect us to go to Amazon to escalate the issue for a return and refund.

Mr&Mrs Wolf
One of the best power stations Ive ever used!
26 March 2021

This is a very well built, high capacity, high quality and very quiet power station. I purchased it for use at night in a quiet house to provide backup power. Since the appliances I'm running are quite a low output (less than 300), the unit remains silent. I recommend this EB15 power station to anyone looking for a well built, reasonably quiet power station (depending on load). The icing on the cake was the excellent customer service provided by PowerOak.

When my unit arrived and I switched it on, I was greeted with an E005 error which means under temperature protection. But a day later the error was still showing so I thought the unit was faulty. Poweroak customer service were quick to resolve this with a replacement. But at the last minute, the unit started to power on and has been working fine ever since. It appears it just took a very long time to warm up. This is probably in part due to the sturdy aluminum case which acts as a heat sink keeping it so cool.

I recommend this power station to all, and you will have peace of mind knowing it has a 24 month warranty, and more importantly, the customer service to back this up if anything goes wrong.

The battery and AC charger are OK, but fails to charge from PV?
25 February 2021

Initially I was very impressed by and pleased with this power station, until I had a chance to try charging it from my solar PV panel of 310w (bought less than a year ago) - under full and direct sunlight that is.

Unfortunately, and to my big regret, I bought this (PowerOak 1500W) in December, and we did not have much sunlight until recently, so upon delivery I could only test the unit's charging properly from the supplied mains charger. I've also tested its discharging under the load of my pond pump+filter, of about 50W (plus another 15W  drawn by leds in night) - worked wonders as the battery charge would last for good 15-18 hours under this modest load.

BUT (and it is a big BUT for me!) I did not see much of charging from the PV input. Initially I blamed it on rainy and greyish winter days, so did not expect daylight was sufficient to charge anything. Until now (this week) I finally was able to test charging from PV under the direct and full sunlight. I checked with multimeter - my solar panel does produce quite a kink of ~36 V (Voc) and ~8.5A (Isc), but the PowerOak, with the PV input connected, only just indicates that it does recognise it - so the green light turns on and some watts are shown initially (and the SOC indicator blinking with bars going up, as I discharged the unit quite a bit, to about 2 - 3 bars, before the test). Then, after a few minutes, all of a sudden the unit stops charging - the SOC indicator freezes at either 2 or 3 bars (i.e. well undercharged state) and 0W is shown for the PV input. Strangely, if I disconnect the PV cable and reconnect again, it won't restart charging anymore until some later time - leaving you with a feeling like 'better luck next time'.

Note, that it's not like other people report that their solar panels appear incompatible. I do see charging for a while sometimes(!), but not continuously until the batteries are fully charged.

Definitely, it's not something I can tolerate in such an expensive piece of technology. Moreover, the whole purpose of buying this power-bank was to complete my off-grid system for garden applications. So heading for return and refund now.

Contacted the seller, no reply yet. I guess they have 48 hours or so to reply...


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