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Very good
25 July 2013

The camera is great fun I bought it to use on a motorcycle and on my particular model it works well the mounting was easy and the picture quality very impressive but the sound obviously for this application is not brilliant, on some motorcycles especially the sports models the mounting is more difficult due to the fairing as on my second bike I could not find a suitable location the naked or street bikes are the easiest. Going back to the sound it might not be that good but it makes you smile to hear your bike roar as you accelerate up to 30mph!!!

Shirley Pollard
Action Camera
6 April 2013

Not used as yet, but again a gift and will be used in the summer.This was a gift that was requested and found easily via Amazon.

M. E. W
4 January 2012

does what it said on the box hubby was delighted with this cant wait to attach it to his motorbike

Shirley Pollard
Good, but it's not a for feature films!
11 November 2011

I have had this camera for a couple of years and it's mounted on a motorcycle most of the time. So it has to cope with moisture and vibration. It is still going strong. The ATC3K is robust and comes with a range of ways of attaching to people and machines, though motorcycle helmets are a problem being much bigger than a cycle helmet.
The resolution is low compared with some more modern options, compact cameras that will record at HD for example, but these are more expensive and likely to be less robust.
The 'wavering' images that happen with some bullet or micro cameras (Veho Muvi for example) doesn't affect the ATC3K, on the other hand the Muvi picture quality is better - pick your pleasures.

The sound isn't great (it can be adjusted) but wind noise tends to overwhelm the microphone, some muffling is needed.

The rubberised buttons need some firm pressing to get them to work and the menu system is not particularly easy to use, but once I got the camera set up it doesn't need changing.
Battery life seems good, I use rechargeable bateries and can fill a couple of 4Gb cards with no problems on a single set. The only problems I've found with both of the mini cameras I own that the memory cards need formatting regularly, so this isn't necessarily an ATC3K problem.

I haven't given five stars because the resolution could be better (but I knew this when I got the camera) and the menu isn't great and the microphone is probably better for cycling or climbing than a motorbike. However this camera is robust and reliable and has enabled me to create some content that is perfectly adequate for YouTube.

Poor, no customer support
5 April 2011

Would not recommend this - used mine on a motorbike, video quality is quite poor with excessive wavering effect. After first use mine then started to turn itself off after 15-20 minutes even after batteries were changed and card changed. Have emailed Oregon Scientific several times and had absolutely NO response from them whatsoever and I will certainly not be ringing their support line at a cost of 10p per minute! All in all a poor piece of kit with zero customer support.

J. Ivory
3 April 2011

Bought one to use for skiing and am just thankful it was cheap.The video quality is awful unless the light is very good.In overcast weather, the picture is very dark.Sound quality is also appalling.Waste of money unless you are desperate for a cheap helmet camera.

N. McKinlay
first few rides wth the camera
27 February 2011

purchased this for fun- v pleased so far- only draw back are the buttons however once u figure out these its v simple = videolife is around 2 hrs so its good- only possible drawback is the noise from the in buitmic however no real grumbles there for a small camera the picture q is v good i have put the camera on the handle bars v veasy to attach

disappointed from Kent
6 April 2010

I am very disappointed with this gadget.It has failed to turn on after just few minutes of use.To their credit, the manufacturer Oregon, were very helpful on the telephone with words of advice, but it has been returned to the Retailer for replacement.

M. E. W
Well worth the wait.
17 February 2010

I've had my eye on the ATC-3K for a while and after funds eventually permitted, I went ahead and purchased it from the Oregon Scientific website.

Dispatched and delivered very quickly, I was recording some of my motorbike rides very soon. Setting up is very easy as the camera comes with multiple attachments. I have it set up on my handlebars as that's the only available position on my bike. I've tried getting the camera onto my helmet but so far I've been unsuccesful, the appropriate attachments don't seem long enough.

Video and audio quality are quite good contrary to other reviews. The problem of having my camera attached the handlebar is that it picks up everything on the road, it's probably exacerbated by having knobbly tires. There's no dodgy pixelated video and there's no lag either. The 4GB card that came with my order has enough for 2 hours of video; plenty considering most of my videos are 6-7 minutes long.

I'd certainly recommend the ATC3K as a good bit of kit for recording some action (of the sporting sort).

P. Clarke
Not bad - got it £10 cheaper at Argos
3 December 2009

I bought this on a whim to make some movies for when I'm on my motorbike, so I can share the brilliant scenery of Scotland with my friends. Reviews on other sites were generally positive so I went ahead. It came with several mounts for applications such as handlebars, helmet etc. Also came with batteries, but no data card. The internal memory is good for less than a minute.
However, 4GB SD cards are very, very cheap. 4GB is the largest it can take, giving about 2 hours storage for video at the 640x480 resolution.
Battery life is not stunning, maybe 2-3 hours with alkaline batteries, less with rechargeables or cheaper batteries. It has a tendency to switch itself off when batteries are low, with no warning - there is a beep but you won't hear that through your helmet. A flashing led when recording would be good.

The camera was easy to mount with the velcro onto my pillion footpeg hangers, but I used some cable ties just in case, with the cam pointing backwards for the motogp style of shot. The handlebar mount is too large for a standard motorcycle, so some packing required to make it fit.

The video quality is variable, it doesn't like vibration and the picture can "warble" a bit, but the resolution is fine. The biggest issue is the contrast control, especially for sunny to dull, the whole screen goes dark.

Sound quality is poor, but acceptable.

Overall I'd recommend it. It is small, easy to use and the quality is acceptably good.


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