Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MK2 DJ Controller Customer Reviews

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  • Industry-standard 4-deck controller, soundcard, flagship traktor software
  • Improved look, feel, and visual feedback
  • Plug and play with traktor dj for ipad and iphone

Native Instruments Traktor Reviews

I will add that the sound card isn't that great either, sound quality is
19 March 2018

Problem when using this controller in NO SYNC Mode not stable when you try to match tempo (I'm an old schooler dj so SYNC is not my thang).
I got this controller instead of a proper ( turntables and/or cdjs with a mixer set up for obvious reasons; space and portability). I contacted N.I. 3 times for supportI was able to get 1 reply via email and partially solve the problem.As they promised me to do a TeamViewer session rather then go back and forth via email because the matter in question is more complex and complicated a Tech-support personfrom Native Instrument suggested, and suppose to help via TeamViewer to see if it's a software problem or the actual hardware. Still waiting from N.I to get back to me. If this NO SYNC problem won't be solve I'll be forced to return this Traktor S4 and go to plan B. I will add that the sound card isn't that great either, sound quality is ...average... Pros: straight forward with mapping, can be used with iPad/iPhone (?) if you into dj with iPhone (lol)

Traktor S4
8 December 2017

Any music enthusiast could get into using one of these.

I've come full circle with my music hobby. I started with the free version of FL studio on an office computer and ended up with this beast of a controller.

Unfortunately, I have had issues with it.
This is a USB controller. USB is a funny creature, it is not foolproof and this has been demonstrated on my Traktor S4.
My Traktor is having issues where scratching is sometimes freezing the controller. This could be a major problem during a performance and I would hate to be embarrassed. Luckily, the Native Instruments support team are pretty fantastic and I am hopeful that they will help me.

I will update my review if these issues continue.

Traktor kontrol S4 BRILLIANCE
22 October 2017


Guy Harwood
17 September 2017

Brilliant bit of DJ kit, this is my second one now upgraded from S4 M1, perfectly integrated with the Trakor Pro 2 software, packed full of features works perfectly for mobile or club DJ's.

but otherwise is an very good 4deck mixer
28 December 2016

You have to take your time to setup this, but otherwise is an very good 4deck mixer. works well !

Poor Sound Quality, but OK-ish for home/casual use
26 September 2016

I've had this device for just over a year now, and have just traded it in for a Pioneer XDJ-RX.

Here is why....

- phono pre-amps are weak, 1210s sound quiet even at full gain
- Traktor has to be open to let sound through from your turntables
- very Average Sound quality
- Jog wheels are small and feel toy-ish
- Traktor sometimes stops responding to the controller mid-set

There are however a few good points...

- Works with an iPad or iPhone running Traktor (so you dont always need a laptop)
- plenty of controls that map to traktor software
- stems support (although very basic compared to S8)

A great bit of kit does everything my 1210's use to
15 April 2016

A great bit of kit does everything my 1210's use to, what I learn't to mix on back in the 90. The kontrol s4 was very easy for me to get the hang of, I have found the jog wheel to be a bit temperamental at times, the software does not always copy what your exactly your doing on the s4 and can be a bit buggy, Am going to give this five stars, I bought this second hand from amazon warehouse, for the price and features this is a amazing bit of kit. Its a shame their is not a converter to convert your mp3 to stem, I think its going to take a while for this technology to take of so stems are widely available. I love the sync software. For the price you get what you pay for, the build quality is a bit poor but good for the price.I can beat mix, but that thought that the next generation of bedroom DJ's will never have to learn to beat mix. That is does not really matter. This is a great all rounder and far better fun than my 1210's and much cheaper.

Digital DJing has finally clicked.
22 December 2015

I have been djing for 22 years, started out using vinyl and was one of those boring purists who'd forever bleat on about how anything else just wasn't really dj-ing, my opinion boosted by a five minute shot on a pair of CDJs which were, quite frankly, crap compared to the beautiful, pristine pure experience of using vinyl, fast forward another 15 years or so and I was introduced to the world of digital dj-ing through the "joy" of Virtual DJ, I still wasn't convinced, the sync button bored me and it just did not feel like real dj-ing, but, I did appreciate the ease of the format, instead of paying £6 for a heavy slab of plastic with four tracks on, of which 50% of the time you only like one of the tracks, I could pick and choose single entries from each release, I liked that and decided to further explore, upgrading to Traktor and a cheapy controller just to see if it tuned me in further, it did, and I found myself ordering a slightly less cheap controller and fueling my now burgeoning digital addiction, but still, it wasn't a replacement for vinyl, something was missing, that connectivity that you get when cueing and scratching with vinyl, so I decided to try timecode vinyl and my research to me to Native Instrument's very own S4 Mk2 DJ Controller.

W.O.W!!!!! 2 months in and I still haven't even come close to setting myself up with the timecode vinyl yet, this controller(admittedly coupled with a Kontrol F1) is exactly what I have been looking for, I can now scratch again, whilst not as precise as vinyl, it isn't really far away and cutting and rubbing certainly sound just as good(ahem! or bad) as I used to. I have also learned to embrace the sync button, because not working so hard to keep those beats locked, means I can be so creative using the remix decks, FX, filters, 3/ 4 decks, the possibilities are endless. If you are going to use Traktor, please do not buy any other controller other than NI's own gear, as good as the other two controllers I have owned seemed to be at the time, my purchase of the S4 means that I have discovered that everything else just sullies your experience of Traktor. I wondered if I would regret giving up my Reloop and spending more on this controller, I did, for about a second, and my love for this machine just grows with every use.

I am now a fully converted Native Instruments fanboy

Kontrol S4 mk2 + party party!!
2 December 2015

Fantastic product. Very happy with speed of delivery and quality of the controller. Exceeded my expectations. Now looking forward to trying it out live on 12th Dec!


*** ***
Fantastic Upgrade!
3 June 2015

Bought these as an upgrade from the S2 MK1 as I am starting to get into DJing a lot more. Very nice controller, great build quality, the new features are fantastic, looks a lot more professional and is at a reasonable price.

All I will say to those thinking of buying this controller who have never done any kind of DJing before is that it's not entry level. This is classed as a professional controller. If you want something that is just as good but more simple I'd go with the S2.

All in all, fantastic bit of kit. Delivery was very fast and packaging was very secure.


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