Hercules P32 DJ - 2-Deck USB Controller - 32Pads

Hercules P32 DJ - 2-Deck USB Controller - 32Pads Customer Reviews

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  • 2-deck USB DJ controller with built-in audio interface for creative mixing!
  • 32 backlit pads that are comfortable to use: mix like you would using jog wheels
  • Filter; 3-band equalizer (high, mid and low); Hot Cue, Loop, Slicer and Sampler modes; and more!
  • Easily control your loops thanks to the dual screens showing their size, and stay on beat with Slip and Quantize modes
  • Full version of DJUCED software included
  • You can even combine Hercules P32 DJ with another Hercules controller (sold separately) to move up to 4 decks!

Hercules P32 DJ Reviews

Five Stars
24 July 2017

brilliant bit of kit for the money ........... and great fun

A great deck if you know what you're doing!
4 July 2016

We got this for our office because we thought it would be a fun thing to try our hand at during those down times when you need to clear your mind of work. Turns out, it's really not that simple! For a group of people who haven't used equipment like this before, it takes some getting used to.

There is software included (that you download online) and but it's a struggle to get to grips with. You basically just plug the deck into your laptop and it's good to go - if you have the skills to operate it! It looks really cool with its light up touch pads and such, but this really is for someone who wants to get to grips with DJing, not a few have-a-go Harry's who think it looks like fun!

Rachel Green (author)
Hercules P32
13 May 2016

It feels good to use; strong build quality that doesn't feel cheap, and the buttons and sliders are 'non-sticky' and feel nicely intuitive. A bit like using a mac keyboard compared to a chunky clicky windows one. 2 Panels that fit right and left hand comfortably, with all assignable buttons and dials to various samples and synths - either side can also be assigned to a different .mp3 track. The DJuiced interface is pretty simple, well designed that with enough playing is easy to pick up. Overall it feels like a well designed MIDI controller that can cope with live DJing or recording, it's pretty slimmed down in terms of options but this is like the Apple approach to design - only give what's necessary, which allows for maximum creativity.

However with the one I received, the crossfader stick on the launchpad was faulty. I'm currently in communication with Hercules customer service (so far so good, a response within 12 hours) and will update this review accordingly based on the outcome.


Hercules customer service was fantastic, they asked for me to upload a video of the problem on to an easy link they sent to their dropbox, and in less than a week they'd sent a replacement out. Replies to emails were in 48 hours too. Easy process, very understanding, and what seems to be a good natured company doing well.

Martin. J. Harvey
Keeping it simple
10 May 2016

In the box is the unit itself and a USB cable. The unit is a chunky thing that reminded me very strongly of 1980s synthesiser gadgets back when electronic instruments were still analogue. To me the style is dated; I'm definitely not the target market for this though. Out of the box it took me 15 minutes to have this up and running which isn't bad. The quick start guide actually did as the title suggests and I had one of my own original tracks up and was playing with it half an hour after that. This thing is like a 48 speed racing bike, there is stuff here that I'm never going to use, but for my needs it suits reasonably well. The hand holding for beat snapping and 'correcting' my rhythm when finger drumming is what I've dropped a star for. I was trying to do an unusual beat for a song I'm trying to record and mixing in the the finger drumming over the original recording where my drums are [BLEEP] seemed to be the answer. Except that it corrected the beat to nothing like what I wanted and I couldn't tell it to butt out.

Aspiring DJs will adore this though. You can mix live with this and take the things you do on that phone app that sound so good in the headphones and recreate them properly through a big sound system with this. There are loads of samples to download to mix from and you can download a user manual to give you a good start. There are tutorials online as well, with tips and tricks.

Overall it's a decent addition to my home recording studio, and does give me the ability to use it like an extra mixing desk for my own music. Where it would shine though is with a club DJ and lots of dancing bodies. Beginners would find this a dream come true and more experienced DJs would probably like it a lot more than they think they would looking at it. Yes, it's simple; that doesn't make it stupid, it makes it easy to use. Easy to use well? That requires knowledge and skill - no machine is ever going to replace the human in the mix.

Very quirky controller that’s packed with lots of creative features.
5 May 2016

This latest controller from Hercules is a 2 x channel controller that swaps out jogwheels with two 16 x 16 grid pad sampler decks to give you much more creative functionality over live loop and sync mixing.

The P32 has an on-board sound card, 2 RCA outputs a jack for headphones and a USB socket. There’s no need for an external power supply.

You will need to download the required Djing Software - DJUICED 40 3.0 here >> [...]. It’s very easy to install and there plenty of tutorials available on the djuced.com website plus firum support.

The controller is very portable. It light and compact and will easily fit in to a small rucksack or messenger bag.

The faders on the P32 have hard rubber caps and are a little stiff to begin with. The transport buttons are soft rubber and the pad buttons feel very soft.

The controller is not meant for traditional DJaying, it’s more of a creative tool but don’t let that put you off. The Hercules P32 DJ can be easily be used for DJaying too. Note, manual beat matching two songs together can’t be done with this controller.

Nicki Nut Shell
Next Level DJing
2 May 2016

I have been interested in mixing for 5 or 6 years now, but have never ventured beyond 2 track.As for multiple sample mixing, I am a complete novice.Sample mixing is an area of DJing that I wish to pursue, however, I didn’t really know where to start.I was recommended the Hercules P32DJ and I have been impressed.

The Unit
The DJ-controller unit is solid and well-built (it feels heavy).The ‘shift, ‘sync’, ‘cue’ and ‘play’ have a satisfying click when pressed.Cross-fade and volume dials are also solid and contain friction.The unit contains twin-phono out for direct link to active speakers or an amplification system.The headphone jack is 6.35mm and so you may need a 3.5mm to 6.35mm converter.The unit takes power from the PC via USB, which is convenient and cuts down on extra power cables.

Installation and Software
The product is easy to install (just plug in and go).The DJUCED software is via download from the Hercules website.I often find that products of this nature are only as good as the software interface.The DJUCED is designed very well and is very intuitive to use, I was mixing within seconds of installing.The software will also sync music from your PC (iTunes library etc).This is great, since the software comes with a basic trance / deep-house samples packages.These packages are fantastic to begin, but before long I found myself wanting extra.I am using this unit with a cheap Lenovo (G50) laptop, intel 4th generation Celeron N2840, 8GB RAM – which performs fine with the standard sample packages.However, my PC struggles and jumps if I am pushing too much through the unit (i.e. from my own MP3 library).Therefore, I will be upgrading my PC so I can get the most out of this product.

The DJ controller really looks the business.There is a digital readout on each deck (loop size) and each of the performance buttons is backlit with LED (red, lilac and blue).As I am writing this review, the unit has gone into demo mode and is displaying an impressive light show.
Overall, I am impressed with the P32DJ.As a novice, the software is simple and intuitive – I was mixing within minutes of instillation.The basic sample package is great to begin and the software will sync your MP3 library, which is great for progression and performance (can be used as a basic 2 track mixing desk, which is great for party’s etc).The limitation for me is the processing power of my PC, which I will be upgrading.The price range seems spot on for this particular product.

I don’t have anything to compare the P32DJ to in terms of performance – but I am impressed.This is why I rate this product as 5/5.I look for to developing my skills, and I believe that the P32DJ will enable this.There is an excellent youtube video displaying the power of the P32DJ from a performance point of view and is worth a watch: [...]

Lovely piece of kit. What?
24 April 2016

My first experience of the whole DJing thing has been achieved with this. It took me a while to get started, and I ended up using Youtube to give me some pointers, but this is definitely a fun adult toy. I don't think I'll be rivalling Tiesto any time soon, mind! Very nice piece of kit with no requirement of an external power source, socket for headphones (my partner's bless the manufacturer for this) and easily carried, if I ever went anywhere. It installed easily on my W10 64bit desktop. I'm a grandma, and if I can get the hang of this, the younger crowd can too.

Re Rewind
23 April 2016

Imagine a grid pad controller with a two-channel mixer and sound card thrown in. Essentially each deck consists of a 4x4 grid with macro function buttons, loop controls as well as filter and effect knobs.

The unit is made of plastic so light enough to carry about when needed and has a small footprint for it's ability. Standard ¼” headphone jack, a USB port and a pair of RCA outputs for the master channel.

At the bottom of each deck you will find transport and sync controls and the shift button which you’ll be using a lot if you plan on operating the included software.

The pads themselves are soft, rubbery but responsive (ZX Spectrum lives on!), so you won’t have problems dropping some single shot shot samples or pulling some loops with them.

The mixer section consists of 3-band EQ controls per channel and two volume faders and a cross-fader.

There’s a library browse knob at the top as well as load buttons, record, slip mode, headphone cue and volume.

Easy to use for a new budding DJ or a great addition to your existing kit or replacement.

Versatile and fun
16 April 2016

Great for amateur DJ's, and a decent addition to the pro DJ's kit. This dual deck controller is reasonably priced, but if you are just starting out it will require a lot of trial and error in order to develop your own style and sound. It is small and light enough to carry around in a holdall or back pack. It also feels reasonably well put together, with nice to touch quality materials. The bundled DJuced 40 software is compatible with Windows 7 (or higher) and Mac OS 10.8 (or higher). It runs on 32 and 64 bit. Included are 2 decks comprising 16 pads each, loop displays, effects, equalizers etc. The pads themselves are user friendly and responsive. The P32 works with other DJ software too, although this has to be purchased separately.A USB cable is included with the package, and the P32 draws power from your laptop. The mixer controls are fairly standard, and are likely to be familiar to DJ's. There are no jog wheels, and this function has been replaced by the pads. Some might find that a problem, and a feature that they cannot do without. However, the pads allow you to do some very effective, great sounding syncing and sampling, although it isn't easy, and practice and patience is definitely needed. You can add effects, loops and filters as required, and the mixing section of the P32 is also fairly standard for this type of equipment. It features EQ's, faders and controls that enable you to navigate through your music library with ease. There is a built in sound card that allows connection to speakers, or you can connect your headphones and monitor without disturbing anybody else.A quick start guide is included, but to be honest you are going to get a lot more out of simply experimenting yourself. The P32 is probably not aimed at professional experienced DJ's, as they are likely to use something a lot more expensive, and versatile. However, for starters and casual DJ's, the P32 does virtually everything you want, and it does most of it well. Great price, good software and an impressive dual deck. Shame about those jog wheels though.

Thumbs up for Hercules!
16 April 2016

I'm a beginner with dj-ing and am still getting to grips with this little tech wonder. It comes with everything you need to get started practising and the software bundled with it is excellent.
Firstly the usual jogwheels have been replaced with 4x4 touchpads. This effectively works like a grid pad controller and the set up is like a two-channel mixer with an integrated sound card.The touchpadsare quite soft and have rubbery feel though I had expected them to be hard so this was quite a surprise. They are very tactile and easy to bash away at though and they trigger effects well.
Looking at the mixer section there are three band EQ controls per channel and there are two plastic volume faders. There's also a crossfader. Compared with the easy to work pads, these are quite stiff but not so much as to cause difficulty using them. Other knobs and buttons include a library browse knob, record button, slip mode button, load buttons and headphone cue and volume buttons.
If you want to you can control all the decks using just the Hercules P32 DJ controller and everything is laid out well for this purpose, with touchpads that combine with other knobs and buttons to do multiple jobs which I'm still getting to grips with.You can, of course, also use the software bundled with it. The DJUCED software is nice to look at even if a bit baffling for the beginner. It is slick and well designed but will take some learning for me to fully explore what it can do.
This is a small controller and can can fit into a rucksack so is easy to transport. It is lightweight as it is made from plastic.
The Hercules P32 DJ controller is a snazzy little controller which will probably have great appeal to beginners like me and the more seasoned amateur DJs looking for something a bit different to add to their equipment. It is well made, well thought out and designed for easy practical use.

Ed Meister

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