Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reel Mower, Cylinder Lawnmower with Blade-Free Cutting System, Cutting Width: 43 cm, Black/Orange/Silver, 1015649

Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reel Mower, Cylinder Lawnmower with Blade-Free Cutting System, Cutting Width: 43 cm, Black/Orange/Silver, 1015649 Customer Reviews

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Fiskars StaySharp Plus Reviews

Impressive machine.
26 April 2022

Well made, works well, easy to push but heavy to lift. My grass is not bowling green standard and I didn’t want a roller on the back as most other push mowers seem to have. Overall I’m quite impressed and glad I spent the extra cash !

Mr D
Adjusting system isn't great
9 April 2022

When the blades go out of alignment they are very difficult to adjust, the system is not durable.

A top quality mower.
16 July 2021

A different way of mowing that gives you a workout at the same time. You will not get a grade 1 on your lawn but once the minimum length is there it really does work very well.
The one negative that might make a difference is that I have tried to get a front fitting grass box. I believe that it does not have one. I have checked the official sites and I don't think they make one to fit. I would be pleased to hear that I am wrong and let me know if anyone has a grass box for this model!!I therefore have to rake thecuttings off the lawn . This a well built quality mower but it is weighty. It has good purchase and once you start moving ,because of the size of wheels and gearing it is surprisingly easy to push.

Mr D
Don’t waste your money.
13 January 2021

Purchased this mower last May after reading all the positive reviews and have to say it’s the worst mower I have ever used.
It’s too heavy doesn’t cut grass low enough not supplied with a grass box and the box you can purchase separately fits on
the front which is not good.After only a couple of months the front wheels which are plastic running on a steel axle have worn and are wobbling and squeaking which drives me mad .I have now stopped using it and gone back to my old flymo .Ive been in touch with Fisker to complaneabout the wheels months ago but not received a advice is don’t buy it’s rubbish.

It really is amazing!!!
14 August 2020

I did a lot of research before buying but was still slightly sceptical as to its ability to cope with rougher grass. It's fantastic. We cut about and acre and a half of grass (not fine lawn!). The land is bumpy and undulating but it copes brilliantly. I am amazed at what this mower copes with and I wouldn't go back to the petrol mowers again. The quality of the grass has improved greatly since using this and the cuttings just seem to rot down with no problems. I'd highly recommend this mower.

So disappointing
4 August 2020

I chose Fiskar even though it was quite expensive but we know it is a good make we love our various Pairs of Fiskar scissors!

1.My husband put the mower together fairly easily.

2. There are 10 adjustable heights for the blades. We started at 10 but was too high so we kept adjusting it down and when we got to number 2 setting, only about a millimetre of grass was cut!
The shortest setting of 1 only cut about 2 mm of grass!We had thought that would be like a Wimbledon lawn!
We checked we had set it up right and we had (my husband is a dab hand at DIY) So maybe people in Finland like longer length lawns?!

3. When you turn around to go up the next line, it really drags on the grass and slightly pulls and squashes the grass.

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Best Hand Mower I Have Ever Had
1 April 2020

I am 70 years old, and have been using hand mowers since I was 8 years old.This is the best hand mower I have ever used.

I realise that it doesn't really drive itself!However, the inertia reel system means it SEEMS to be self propelled.The cut is good.By petrol mower standards, its silent, even by other hand mower standards, it's quiet.

Manoeuvrability, this is not as good as other mowers, however don't worry, you will soon learn to turn it gently with sweeping curves, if this not possible, then you can simply lift the mower at the end of a "row", and turn it around.

I am bad at assembling "stuff", thus bolting together this mower was doable, but not easy; as ever, YouTube helped.

If a hand mower was described as "light", then that may be code for "flimsy", so I say this mower is solid and just the right middle-weight.

Summary: This mower is more than twice as good as other hand mowers that are 2/3 of this price.

Best mower ever!
6 February 2020

Best reel mower I have ever used! Amazing! Bought as replacement for petrol mower that broke down and would have cost as much to repair and now I don’t think I would ever use another mower. So easy to use with plenty of height adjustment anda far better cut than any other machine. Even for a large lawn area this is a joy to use as it requires so little effort, really it’s just like taking a walk around the garden with the bonus that the lawn gets cut at the same time. Assembly out of the box is really simple (despite other reviewers comments), all that is required is an 11mm spanner and the clear instructions enclosed make set up easy. It’s a machine and it’s got cutting blades, so a little common sense is required, obviously, but to be honest it’s no more difficult or dangerous than using a knife and fork. Blades tested as per diagram instructions (and a u-tube video found online) and found to be perfectly set up straight out of the box with no further adjustment necessary. First use was on grass left overly long (due to petrol mower breaking down some time before) and amazingly this mower took it in its stride using the height adjustment to take the lawn down in stages. Having big wheels at the front is also an advantage as this reel mower can handle rough uneven ground as well as flat areas. All in all an excellent piece of kit, plus no more petrol fumes and virtually no noise, so I can mow anytime I like without upsetting the neighbours... and the walking is probably doing me good too! Highly recommend.

Well built, better then the cheaper ones
12 January 2020

Easy to usr

A. G. W. Towle
Excellent Push Mower
10 September 2016

I remember mowing my Grandma's small lawn for her over 50 years ago - it was not the easiest of jobs, but still a pleasure. I recently aquired a Fiskars Power Plus lawn mower for the grass at my allotment and tried it on my own fairly large lawn. Twenty minutes later the job was done and quite as neat as with my powerful mower. OK, so I did not remove the grass cuttings, but a decent mulch from time to time will do no harm! The PowerPush Plus does leave track marks, but not as deep or lasting as my heavy Rover mower, and the evenness of cut is excellent. It is slightly awkward to lift and lug about, being solidly built - so was my Gran's Qualcast, but far easier to pop into the bach of my car - the handle seperates quite easily, making it simple to put in the boot without letting the seats down.
Overall: If you want a little exercise (to keep fit), keep the noise down and look after a patch of grass, the Fiskars Power Push Plus is my recommendation.


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