BLACK+DECKER A6482 AFS Spool Line for String Trimmers, 2 mm, Multi, 6 m

BLACK+DECKER A6482 AFS Spool Line for String Trimmers, 2 mm, Multi, 6 m Customer Reviews

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    About this item

  • Fits BLACK+DECKER GL7033, GL8033, GL9035
  • 2 mm spool line
  • AFS - Automatic Feed System


Strimmer line
11 July 2022

Perfect easy to fit back working again

*** ***
Fits strummer
9 July 2022

Replacement strummer spool slightly more expensive than self winding an old one but works well and quite robust line

Mr. N. S. Matthews
Waste of money.
26 June 2022

Easy fitted. Lasted about 30 minutes. Waste of money. Won't be buying again. Avoid

Good quality
4 June 2022

Meet the needs

23 May 2022

Hi good product prompt delivery thanks Pete

*** ***
Delivered on time
14 May 2022

Exactly what I needed

S Chown
very disappointing product
10 May 2022

Very disappointed with this product. Used it for just over an hours it is used all the 6 metre. Either not 6 metres or very poor quality

Amanda Bevan
Lasts 5 mins max
8 May 2022

I’ve been buying this for months/years. It lasts about 5 mins. Maybe I’m doing something wrong??I do have a large garden but one reel does less than an 1/10th. It’s only grass edges!!!

John Boy
11 October 2021

last a reasonable length of time and suitable for use with long grass

Mr. N. S. Matthews
A bit dear
22 July 2021

Pricey but does the job.

Mr. N. S. Matthews

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Hatteker Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper Hair Trimmer Grooming Kits Electric Shaver Razor for Men Mustache Nose Ear Body Precision Trimmer Groomer Multigroom IPX7 Waterproof Cordless Rechargeable 6 in 1

Multi-Functional Grooming Kit: 6 different attachments are perfect for all your trimming needs , Beard Trimmer, Hair Clipper, Detail Trimmer, Micro Shaver, Nose & Ear Trimmer, Body Trimmer for mustaches, sideburns, goatees, stubble, other face & body hair Precision Wheel: 5 reinforced hair trimmer guide combs ( 3/6/9/12/15mm), 2 adjustable beard guards (1-11mm, 11-20mm) and precision wheel (only applies to the full-size steel trimmer ) for 39 length settings in 0.5 mm step sizes for an effortless trimming experience Self-Sharpening Steel Blades: The stainless steel blades with precision gap cuts through the thickest of hair without snags or pulls, offering you the best gentle smooth trimming IPX7 Waterproof/ 100% waterproof: The trimmer and all of its attachments are fully washable, so simply rinse them under the faucet for easy cleaning LED Display & USB Fast Charging: Rechargeable battery delivers up to 90mins of run time per charge by only about 1.5 hour charging

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Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial A Heat Hair Tongs with 25 Heat Settings Curler Wand (BLACK)

Say hello to big and bouncy curls with the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Dial a Heat Tong. The ceramic barrel heats up quickly and distributes the heat evenly through your hair. Easy to use, the tongs feature a cool safety tip and an integrated stand. Achieve gorgeous, natural-looking curls with minimal effort. Available in 6 barrel sizes: 13, 16, 19, 24, 32 and 38mm.

GENIE SPACE - Incredibly Strong Premium Space Saving Vacuum Bags Storage | 6 x LARGE - 80x60cm | Airtight & Reusable | Create 80% more space | For Clothes, Towels, Bedding, Duvets and more 79 review

GENIE SPACE - Incredibly Strong Premium Space Saving Vacuum Bags Storage | 6 x LARGE - 80x60cm | Airtight & Reusable | Create 80% more space | For Clothes, Towels, Bedding, Duvets and more

6 x LARGE BAGS (80 x 60cm) - Perfect for large items such as clothes, pillows, cushions and towels. These super strength large compression bags are ideal for storing your out of season clothes and bedding. The vacuum sealer bags use powerful suction to extract all of the air from bulky items such as clothing, curtains, pillows, towels, cushions, duvets, soft toys and more ! Each bag stores 10-12 T shirts, 6-8 Jumpers, 4 Cushions, 2 Pillows or a Single Duvet INCREDIBLY STRONG - Made using our own special reinforced ANTI-MICROBIAL (110 micron) double layer material for superior strength and flexibility, these reusable vacuum pack bags are easy to use and provide long term reliability and will not rip, tear or leak air. The double zipper and turbo valve technology ensure your items will always be protected giving you reliable storage solutions that work. Use these leading vacuum storage bags for home organisation, travelling, camping and more ! WATERTIGHT AND AIRTIGHT - Ensure your clothing stays as fresh as the day you pack it ! Grab these vacuum storage bags for clothes (using a patented ANTI-LEAK VALVE and DOUBLE ZIPLOCK SEAL) to stop any mould or bacteria growth on your items. These bags are also watertight, odour resistant, dust resistant and will keep out unwanted pests and insects from your precious items. Suitable for all hoover types. Home storage has been revolutionised with this vacuum storage bag creation ! CREATE 80% MORE SPACE - These vacuum pack storage bags give amazing compression of up to 80% of the original item size saving you up to 4 times the space ! Pack quilts, coats, curtains, bedding, towels, cushions, soft toys and more to reduce the clutter at home and be more organised ! After compression just slip your GENIE SPACE bags underbed, in the wardrobe, in the garage or up in the loft out of the way knowing your items will be totally safe 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE - We believe our customers deserve the highest quality at all times and provide excellent customer care. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our premium storage bags after using them, or you don't agree they are the strongest and most reliable storage soutions that save you up to 80% space then just contact us within 365 days and we we will provide you a no quibble, hassle free replacement or refund. We are not happy unless you are totally satisfied !

Groov-e Ares Touch Control LED Desk Lamp with Built-in Wireless Charger & Alarm Clock/Calendar Display-Black 34 review

Groov-e Ares Touch Control LED Desk Lamp with Built-in Wireless Charger & Alarm Clock/Calendar Display-Black

Lamp – This 3-in-1 lamp features an LED light, wireless charging pad and clock, calendar & temperature display LED light – Features 3 different light modes, each with a 5-grade brightness setting. The 2-part foldable arm can be positioned in various setting to achieve the correct light for you Display – The 5 buttons at the back of the lamp operate the clock, calendar and alarm function. Adjust the brightness settings from low, medium and high Wireless charger – Simply place your wireless charging compatible device on the 5W charging panel when the lamp is connected to power to start charging Info – features 8 different types of musical tunes/alarms that you can assign to your alarm and you can set a snooze time between 1-60 minutes

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